My blog

Over a decade, I’ve immersed myself in scientific literature, taking courses, and attending conferences. Throughout this journey, I observed that we often resort to overly technical language and abstract concepts unnecessarily, maybe to make us look more attractive, but at the same time,  hindering progress and hiding our own ignorance. Do we not know anything? So, let’s make it look more sophisticated than it is. Mathematics is not written french; it emerged to simplify the world, not to make it more complex. This indispensable language must be accessible to everyone!  

The trigger for starting this blog is attributed to the official recognition from my esteemed PhD colleague, Garrick Cabour, who acknowledged my assistance in simplifying intricate concepts – and I love to do it! So, besides fulfilling my own interests, this blog aims to break down AI and statistics into easy stuff for everyone to get. I hope by sharing info and helping each other out, we can totally level up our own learning experiences and become experts in the sexiest profession in the 21st century!

By making this knowledge accessible to a wider audience, we bridge the gap between technical expertise and general understanding and contribute to accelerating scientific and technological progress. Moreover, I also believe that broader accessibility enhances safety by facilitating easier regulation and governance. It is crucial to ensure that the benefits and implications of these advancements are widely understood. While some journals and websites can fulfill this purpose, this blog aims to offer a more interactive and enjoyable experience. Additionally, it allows me to share my work directly with my social network, similar to how I showcase my photos, with a personal touch that goes beyond the articles I have written or my own dissertation.

I hope you find this site enjoyable and enlightening!

” Scientists are some of the most dangerous people in the world because we have this illusion of objectivity.” — Timnit Gebru