About this initiative – Baseline

Bilan: Baseline at the Intersection of Art and Artificial Intelligence from a statistician perspective.

Our Journey: Merging Passions, Multiplying Perspectives

This blog began as a canvas for two of my passions: the intricate world of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and the expressive realm of photography. Over the last month, it has evolved into a platform not just for sharing knowledge, but for weaving together the threads of technology, art, and humanity. I’m really into the whole ethics scene, how can math and philosophy get us to think deeper and do better creating and consuming. I don’t see my self as an ethical guru or anything. I’m just super keen on this whole area that’s totally up for interpretation and can make our world better.   

The Initiative: A Tapestry of Content

The fabric of this initiative is composed of three main threads:

  • Photography: A gallery of moments captured, each telling its own story, inviting viewers to see the world through my lens.
  • Blog on AI + Stats: Articles and discussions designed to demystify AI and statistics, making them accessible and engaging to a non-technical audience. I will include some touches on my field of research, ethical and responsible AI from a statistician perspective. I will sprinkle in bits from my own sandbox –– looking at ethical and responsible AI through the lens of a stats whiz. 
  • Professional Journey: A comprehensive resume detailing my career in AI, underscoring the depth of expertise behind the blog’s content.

Each thread is interlinked, providing a holistic experience of my professional and creative worlds.

The Activities: Weaving Insights and Imagery

The initial tapestry includes a series of blog posts that have brought complex concepts down to earth. From ethical AI to statistical models, the posts aimed to enlighten and empower readers. Parallel to this, my photography has aimed to connect viewers to the broader narratives of life and innovation, complementing the technicality of AI with the universality of visual art.

                                        The Analytics: Patterns of Engagement

Most of our digital fam drops in from Colombia and France. Not too surprising, since I’ve been sharing our little corner of the web with family, friends, and connections on WhatsApp and Instagram and with few X/twitter followers as well. It’s like a slice of home mixed with my current French connection!


Personal invites leads the way

The graph speaks volumes about the way folks are finding their way to the blog. Direct shares, probably those messages I’ve been pinging to family and friends, are doing the trick – that’s where most of the action is. As for the social media hustle on platforms like Twitter, it’s not quite catching fire yet. Looks like the personal touch is winning out here!

After the polish

After the final tweaks to the blog’s design wrapped up just after the 10th, that’s when the real fun began. I started sharing my labor of love more broadly, and you can see that engagement really started to climb. It’s like that old saying about planting a tree – the best time was 20 years ago, the second-best time is today.

In summing up the journey of the blog over the last while, it’s the personal touch that’s made all the difference. Direct outreach—those messages to close circles—has been the real hero in driving our traffic. While social media strategies had their place, it was the one-on-one shares that truly ignited our growth. This personal approach set a solid foundation for the blog, and as we continue to share and connect, it’ll be exciting to see how new strategies and content will help us branch out even further. It’s a great reminder of the value of personal networks and the potential they hold for organic growth.

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