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I’m not your typical data scientist; I’m like a data salsa with a dash of Colombian passion, a sprinkle of Canadian pragmatism, and a touch of French elegance. While I’m busy shaping the future of AI in a responsible and ethical way, my alter ego dons a photographer’s hat, capturing the world’s beauty one click at a time. Through my lens, I spin tales, stir emotions, and sprinkle a bit of wonder dust on your day.

“Study the science of art. Study the art of science. Develop your senses — especially learn how to see. Realize that everything connects to everything else.”

Leonardo da Vinci

what you will find here


A passionate photographer with an artistic sensibility, warping time and immortalizing stories. Explore my portfolio to discover my non-euclidean world.

My blog: AI + Stats

As an expert in AI and statistics, I am dedicated to creating safe and ethical machine learning. My expertise guarantees responsible advances in the field of Safe AI.

My full resume

Discover how my professional experience and academic experience have paved my life in a broad and overseas array of projects spanning engineering, healthcare, education, and public policy.



Andres Morales

Data scientist and photographer

On this website, I invite you to explore the fascinating intersection of the new AI, photography, and my commitment to environmental and social stewardship. Together, we can discover how technology and art can coexist harmoniously while promoting a sustainable future.

Why should you contact me ?

Sci- Photography

I offer scientific photography that captures compelling moments with a unique interplay of light, color, and "e-motion".

Collaborate in research

I offer my expertise and hands-on experience to develop safe and fair-aware technologies from a statistician's perspective.

Work on a common project

I am open to project proposals or job opportunities with meaningful objectives, ready to contribute to initiatives that bring positive societal value.


where to find me

Marseille – France