I am a seasoned data scientist and a dedicated researcher in safe AI, striving to shape the future of technology in an ethical and responsible manner. However, there’s more to me than just algorithms and data.

Photography has become a profound passion, serving as a creative outlet and a means to capture the beauty surrounding us. Through my lens, I aim to tell stories, evoke emotions, and ignite a sense of wonder in the viewer.

Beyond my professional endeavors, I embrace a lifestyle that honors and respects the natural world. I firmly believe in the importance of protecting our environment and treating all living beings with kindness and compassion. By making conscious choices and advocating for sustainable practices, I seek to leave a positive impact on our planet.

On this website, I invite you to explore the fascinating intersection of the new AI, photography, and my commitment to environmental and social stewardship. However, let me provide you with a glimpse into my work experience and academic background that forms the foundation of my multifaceted expertise.


Ph.D candidate, Polytechnique Montréal | 2019 – TO DATE

Formalizing the intricate interplay between statistical and causal inference within the Machine Learning domain, I design a probabilistic framework to build more robust, safe, ethical, and responsible AI systems. This approach’s effectiveness is exemplified in its application to detect interracial discrimination within state-of-the-art algorithms designed to detect and classify of skin cancer.

M.Sc Statistics, University of Montreal | 2017-2019

I created a visual tool that utilizes control charts and deep learning for the detection and diagnosis of failures in a manufacturing process. This proposal underwent testing using real-world data, and I had the privilege of presenting it at the IEEE conference in 2019 in Macao, China.

B.Sc Statistics, National University of Colombia | 2005 – 2010

As an experienced researcher and practitioner in AI and statistics, my journey has been marked by significant contributions across diverse domains, from engineering and healthcare to education and public policy in countries such as Colombia and Iraq.

My professional background as a data scientist includes positions at prestigious institutions such as Rolls Royce and Polytechnique-Montreal in Canada. In these roles, I’ve excelled at optimizing anomaly detection methods and crafting explainable AI algorithms, with a strong focus on aerospace and manufacturing applications. My expertise lies in designing AI systems that seamlessly align with experts’ perspectives, elevating human-machine interaction, and ensuring an effective implementation.

My career extends beyond AI research into public policies and social programs evaluation in underdeveloped countries. I’ve honed my skills in advanced survey methodologies, statistical modelling, and variance estimation. These competencies have enabled me to address urgent societal challenges, spanning from healthcare disparities to women’s empowerment in agriculture, while actively participating in initiatives aimed at promoting positive social change. My multifaceted approach to technology and unwavering commitment to ethical AI development make me a valuable asset in today’s data-driven world.

Work experiences

2018 – TO DATE – Canada / France

In this engineering laboratory, I optimized a method known as Open-Up for anomaly detection and explanation. My primary focus has revolved around the design of AI systems that harmonize with experts’ mental models, thereby elevating human-machine interaction and bolstering the feasibility of implementation and deployment. My expertise extends to crafting explainable AI algorithms tailored for quality control in the aerospace and manufacturing sectors. ->Link

2019-2023  – Canada

I designed explainable algorithms for identifying and categorizing defects in aircraft engines. During this process, I pinpointed engineering challenges and methodological deficiencies that had the potential to impact the system’s usability and safety. To address these concerns, I conducted in-depth research to integrate cutting-edge strategies to ensure the system’s acceptance, usability, and long-term sustainability. ->Link

2012-2023 – Colombia / US / Iraq

In public policy and social program quantitative evaluation within underdeveloped countries, my specialization lies in crafting comprehensive survey methodologies encompassing many critical elements. This entails designing randomized population studies, proposing probabilistic sampling techniques, and the application of advanced non-response statistical models to enhance the robustness of data analysis and collection. My proficiency extends to encompassing variance estimation and intricate statistical modeling, which have proven pivotal in addressing a diverse array of critical topics. These topics span from assessing HIV prevalence among female sex workers and evaluating the safety of national food supplies for children and expectant mothers to tackling healthcare challenges in indigenous communities and shaping housing policies in rural regions. Furthermore, my contributions extend to impactful initiatives like PRINDEX in Colombia in 2021 and the Women’s WEAI program in Iraq in 2022, particularly emphasizing advancing women’s empowerment in agriculture.->Link

2014 – Colombia

Using statistical Modelling techniques including PCA, SVM, KNN, and others, in conjunction with Item Response Theory, I contribute to design a comprehensive citizenship test.->Link

2013 – Colombia

I conducted research to help health professionals to enhance chronic disease care and developed techniques for missing data estimation in environmental time series.->Link

2012-2013 – Colombia

As a member of the research office team at this institution, responsible for evaluating the cognitive competencies of students across Colombia, my role encompassed assessing the added value of universities. I conducted research and collaborated with professors from Stanford University, leveraging techniques such as propensity score matching and graphical models to compile a comprehensive database and perform intricate statistical analyses. The outcomes of this endeavor culminated in a publication in the esteemed journal ‘Assessment and Evaluation in Higher Education.->Link

2011-2012 – Colombia

This experience arguably served as the cornerstone for my development of statistical acumen. At the institution entrusted with producing the nation’s official statistics, I assumed the responsibility of formalizing survey sampling methodologies and calculating national social indicators. I adeptly applied analytical techniques, including those for handling imperfect sampling, weight calibration, and regression estimators, to fulfill these objectives.->Link

2011 – Colombia

I have a brief but impactful experience as a teacher assistant, instructing courses in probability and biostatistics tailored for both industrial engineering and health professional students.->Link

Participating in international conferences, such as my presentation at the IEEE conference in China, illustrates my dedication to sharing knowledge and insights within the AI and statistics community. Additionally, my contributions through publications on safe and explainable AI emphasize a strong commitment to ethical considerations in AI and equity, the current imperatives within these new technologies.


2023 – An insight into racial bias in dermoscopy repositories: A HAM10000 dataset analysis
Submitted: Journal of the European Academy of Dermatology and Venereology

2023 – Graph models for engineering design: Model encoding, and fidelity evaluation based on dataset and other sources of knowledges.
Artificial Intelligence for Engineering Design, Analysis and Manufacturing

2022 – Toward safe AI
AI and SOCIETY – Journal of Knowledge, Culture and Communication.

2022 – An explanation space to align user studies with the technical development of Explainable AI
AI and SOCIETY – Journal of Knowledge, Culture and Communication.

2016 – On the Practices and Challenges of Measuring Higher Education Value Added: The Case of Colombia.
Assessment and Evaluation in Higher Education. 

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